BEWARE!: The Return of Toilet Seat Dermatitis


According to a study by the journal Pediatrics, Toilet Seat Dermatitis is back to attacking the backsides of many.

What is toilet seat dermatitis?

Skin irritation, (itchy, redness) found on the buttocks and upper thigh region of the body.


In 1927, wooden toilet seats that have varnish, lacquers and paints that cause skin irritation were to blame.

Present day, harsh chemical cleaners used to disinfect toilets and their seats. These harsh chemicals are often used to in schools but are now being found in the home as people strive for a more squeaky clean toilet experience.


  • Toilet seat covers are usually found in public restrooms, hospitals and school bathroom…use them
  • If no toilet seat cover available… create a toilet seat cover by strategically placing toilet tissue around the seat or…squat (requires coordination and strong thigh, hip, and buttocks muscles)
  • Replace wooden toilet seats with plastic ones
  • Avoid harsh toilet cleaners that will irritate the skin after long-term sitting exposure.


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