Public Health in Pictures: Haiti (CNN News)


An injured man lies on a row of seats Saturday outside the general hospital in Port-au-Prince.

An injured Haitian is carried on a stretcher Thursday, January 14, in Port-au-Prince.

Two men carry a child with a splinted leg on a makeshift stretcher in Port-au-Prince on January 14, two days after the magnitude-7 earthquake struck near the city.

Even the most basic first aid is difficult to find, and there are fears that a second disaster is looming: disease, brought on by unsanitary conditions, and death from untreated injuries.

Young boys get basic first aid outside the Villa Creole hotel, where electricity was still available Friday. Most of the city of Port-au-Prince is without power or other utilities.


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  1. It was really a heartfelt experience to even think of the disaster which happened in Haiti. The included picture shows the loss and how quickly people are coming forward to compensate.

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