But my condom doesn’t fit…


A study conducted by the University of Kentucky states that out of 436 surveyed, 195 stated that they had a condom that did not fit properly during their last sexual encounter. 

Out of those 196 men, 120 said that it lowered their own sexual pleasure, 57 stated it reduced it for their partners, 34 said they removed the condom during intercourse, and 18 said that their condom broke during sex…Uh oh

According to researchers the best way of handling this problem is to educate men that condoms come in all different shapes and sizes and there isn’t a one size fits all magic condom that fits everyone.

Condom Use on the Rise:

Condom use is becoming ever more popular and according to a recent poll is rivaling the pill for the top spot in most popular contraceptive method.  Condoms are cheap and when used correctly can be 98% effective and protect against both unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections…the pill doesn’t prevent against disease…just pregnancy.

Simon Blake, from advisory charity Brook, says “Standard latex condoms should fit most people but there are many different types of condoms available in different shapes and sizes and trying different types will be important in finding the ‘right one’.”


You think we have it bad?

In Africa they have even less size options…plus a huge HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Gill Gordon, from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, says that in Africa the size and fit issue must be addressed if condoms are to be used to reduce the number of new HIV infections. According to Ms. Gordon,  since they dont have the size options available in Europe and the United States,  some men resort to tying an oversized condom on with string, or preferring to use the female condom because regular size versions were so painful.

She said: “I think that the unwillingness of African men to use condoms has been overstated, and that many more would be willing to wear one if they were more comfortable.

“If we are serious about people being able to use condoms consistently, then we need to listen to their needs.”

Problem: How do you find the right one?

It gets pretty expensive (and frustrating) buying different packages of condoms trying them out and realizing that they don’t fit. You can’t really go around swapping condoms with other men at work or at school…thats just weird. Not to mention all the crazy ribbed vs. lubricated vs. thin… Maybe condom companies can make a super sample sizing pack that can be used to figure out the exact one that fits…or maybe standardized condom sizes…like jean sizes

I posted some links below that may help find the size that is right for you.



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