Store Up On Sleep!…you can use it later


This is great news for people who have mid-term exams coming up…









According to a study you can store your sleep in advance and use it later when you are more sleep deprived.

In a study conducted by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research half of a group of volunteers were allowed to sleep extra the first week and the other half of participants kept the same sleep pattern. The following week, all of the individuals were sleep deprived and then given a variety of tests. The results showed that the individuals who slept an extra amount the first week, stored the sleep and functioned better on the tests than the individuals that kept to their original sleep schedule.  Furthermore,  the individuals who stored their sleep not only functioned better with sleep deprivation but were able to recover from the sleep deprivation at a faster rate. Tracy Rupp from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research states that, “They showed less performance deterioration with regards to reaction time and alertness than the group that had been given the habitual prior sleep” .

This is great information for the miliatary…more incentive for R & R time and resting can be worked into the pre-touring routines by giving troops additional sleep before long-term missions.

Ms.  Rupp concludes,  “What we’re basically saying is if you fill up your reserves and pay back your sleep debt ahead of time, you’re better equipped to deal with the sleep loss challenge.”

Further research involves finding out how the body stores sleep and what is the average amount of extra sleep needed per person.

Think you can’t fall asleep at 9 pm? Take a power nap…they are effective as well…especially in the short-run.

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