Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visits Chile Promising Aid


U.S. Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton, visited Chile yesterday bringing aid and promising U.S assistance. Her trip was confined to the Santiago airport and then to a visit with President Michelle Bachelet and President-elect Sebastian Pinera. At Chile’s request, Clinton brought with her 25 satellite phones and a technician to set them up. Satellite phones are needed to help authorities communicate with areas where telephone lines have been destroyed by the quake.

“America is ready to respond to requests from the Chilean Government, not only in solidarity, but with the specific provisions they need for reconstruction work,” Clinton said.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet thanked Clinton and President Barack Obama for the “support, friendship and cooperation” of the United States.

Further U.S. aid may include eight water purification systems, power generators and medical and dialysis equipment, and supplies. Other donations could include mobile kitchens, temporary bridges and helicopters

Her trip to Chile was part of a five-day tour to visit Latin American countries, including Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil Costa Rica, and Guatemala to gain support for U.S. sanctions against Iran amongst other reasons.

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